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At CustomCare Rx we provide compounding services to deliver prescriptions not available commercially. Our PCCA trained pharmacists, technicians and in-office compounding center, enable us to provide non-sterile, physician ordered, compounded prescriptions.

CustomCare Rx’s compounding pharmacy is the ideal alternative for patients who respond poorly to commercially manufactured medications and their applications, or who need a prescription which is no longer in production.

CustomCare Rx can provide patients with services such as:
- Dermatological/Cosmetic Preparations
- Topical Pain Management
- Hospice Formulations
- Dental Preparations
- Veterinary Preparations
- Combination Medications
- Nutritional Supplements
- Application Modifications

The pharmacy industry actually began with all prescriptions being custom made, or compounded, in accordance with physician’s orders. As time and medicine progressed, mass produced, commercialized formulas have become the standard and are what most pharmacies exclusively provide today. However, not all patients respond as well to these standardized medications or their applications and that’s where CustomCare Rx comes in.

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HomeCare I.V. of Bend, Inc is a free-standing, independent home infusion service licensed by the State of Oregon through the Oregon Board of Pharmacy and accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. Our staff of licensed Clinical Pharmacists, Registered Nurses, technicians and administrators have been providing the clinical and economic benefits of infusion drug and nutrition therapies administered in the home and other out-patient locations since 1989.

Your doctor prescribes, we provide....

HomeCare I.V. of Bend, Inc provides the clinical and economic healthcare benefits of home infusion and enteral nutrition therapies for our central and eastern Oregon community.

Working as a team with your doctor, HomeCare IV of Bend, Inc provides the medications, equipment, supplies, education and other clinical and administrative support required for safe, clinically and cost-effective home infusion therapies.


HomeCare I.V. of Bend, Inc.'s home and ambulatory infusion services are accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, the same organization that accredits hospitals, surgery facilites and other medical providers.

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HomeCare IV Facilities
The positive synergy of a team of healthcare professionals is readily evident at HomeCare I.V. of Bend, Inc. Experienced Pharmacists, Registered Nurses, Technicians and administrative staff merge their special skills with the goal of exceptional service and positive outcomes. More »

Diagnosis Treated
There are many indications for the safe and effective use of infusion therapies... /More »

The majority, by far, of home infusion therapies are intravenously administered antibiotics, prescribed primarily for such diagnoses as cellulitis, sepsis, and osteomyelitis. Other diagnoses treated with intravenous antibiotics include urinary tract infections, pneumonia, sexually transmitted diseases, sinusitis and other significant infections that do not respond to oral antibiotics. More »

HomeCare I.V. of Bend, Inc is proud to be a part of this special community. Some of our partners include local and regional hospitals, physicians and clinics, home health agencies, hospice organizations and insurance companies. Check our partner's pages for information and links to those organizations we work most often with. More »