Central Oregonians 'Tri' out mini-triathlon

Black Butte Ranch hosts first annual 'Tri for Fun'

Trying out a Triathlon

BLACK BUTTE RANCH, Ore. -  Wet and chilly weather didn't stop people from making a splash at Black Butte Ranch resort on Sunday.

It was the first annual 'Tri for Fun,' a mini triathlon drawing all ages. The oldest participant was 75, the youngest only 10.

"What made it special is we were able to ride the roads, not so much the bike paths," said the oldest participant. "So it was a chance to go really fast."

About 60 people came out for the race, which included a  a 15-lap swim (1/6th mile) in the pool, nine-mile bike ride and three-mile run.

The second-place finisher was 13-year-old Scott Ludford from Salem. He said he's completed several triathlons and loves the running best.

"I wanted to keep an average of 19 mph on the bike," Ludford said. "And I wanted to finish the run in under 30 minutes."

Ludford completed the course in just a few minutes more than an hour.

The man who won said it was only his second triathlon in more than 23 years. Don Davidson of Redmond  took a break from competing to raise his family, but now that his kids are gone, it's back to the races.

"We're empty-nesters right now, so nine months ago I decided that's what I'm going to do in retirement--go back to triathlons again," Davidson said.

Race organizers said they wanted to share the beauty of Black Butte Ranch in a fun and active way.

Proceeds from entry fees benefited the Mount Bachelor Sports Education Foundation and the Sisters Trail Alliance.

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