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United Way of Deschutes Co. distributes funds

BEND, Ore. - The United Way of Deschutes County announced Tuesday a funding plan for 2014-15 that invests $1,025,918 in a range of essential community services provided by local non-profit agencies. 

The total fund disposition package includes $619,516 in allocations and donor designations to twenty-seven local social service agencies that partner with United Way of Deschutes County, $103.000 in direct services, and $303,402 in contributions earmarked by donors to a host of other agencies.

Focusing on four key areas of community need the Community Impact Committee directed more than $210,000 to United Way partner agencies that provide food, shelter and other basic need services; approximately $167,000 will go to programs that address issues of child and family violence.  More than $205,000 will go to programs for healthy development of children and youth.  

Executive Director Ken Wilhelm said, "Our volunteers had to make some difficult decisions this year.  Many of our agency partners have struggled to make ends meet over the last several years because of the weak economy and a strong demand for services.  The recovery hasn't shown up for many of them yet and we just didn't have enough money to fund all the worthy requests ."



United Way of Deschutes County

2014/15 Fund Distribution Plan


Partner Agency Programs

Reported # Served Previous Year

$$ Directed for 2014-15

Meeting Basic Needs

Food, Shelter, & Emergency Help




$ 210,067

Safe from Violence & Abuse

Prevention & Service for Victims




$ 167,063

Youth on Track for Success

Development & Mentoring




$ 130,858

Great Start in Life

Screening & Early intervention




$  74,528



$ 582,516


Donor Designations in Process

Donor Designations to Non-Partner Agencies

Direct Program Services









More information may be found on our website at www.deschutesunitedway.org.

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