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Special album to raise funds for Healthy Beginnings

BEND, Ore. - The album's name is "November," a digital release on the music distribution web site Bandcamp.com, where eleven artists/bands from cities including Bend, Portland, and San Francisco each donated a song.  $5 will get people who enjoy folk music and rock a limited-edition album with all the money earned from the album going directly to Healthy Beginnings of Central Oregon's Paypal account. The album's web address is http://songs4november.bandcamp.com/

"The idea was to create a virtual music festival," said Brian Hinderberger, who asked musicians in his network to chip in a song. "I wanted to pull the musicians who I enjoy into a venue to support a cause, in this case it was a compilation, for a limited-release."

The album's sales will cease at the end of the month of November, and the album compilation will then be deleted from the Internet. "A moment of time and something special that people can own all while supporting a great cause."

Artist include: Voodoo Highway, Three Times Bad (San Francisco), Chris Evans, Jason D Scheitzer, Victory Swig, Stan Roach, Steam Engines (Portland), The Rum and The Sea, The Quons, Hilst & Coffey and Jason Chinchen.

Healthy Beginning provides accessible physical, developmental and behavioral screenings to children from birth through age five to foster healthy, educated, nurtured children, families and communities. 

This community-based program is available only in Central Oregon and works to assure parents that their children are developing appropriately or if needed, the program makes necessary referrals for the family.

"Support from this project will help hundreds of child in our community" explained Holly Remer, Healthy Beginnings' Executive Director. "Projects like this one also help build awareness for our service and the need of young children in Central Oregon. This special compilation will touch the lives of children and support our community now and into the future." 

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