Living in Central Oregon is great. We have the best scenery, the best outdoor scene and the best in craft beer.

With one brewery for every 4,500 people, we have the most breweries per capita in the state of Oregon! Just like the beers they create, each brewery comes with a distinct story about what makes it unique.

That’s why we launched Central Oregon brews and news. We wanted to give a platform for breweries to tell their story. Each month we will feature a local brewery on the air, and here, on our page. You’ll get their story about the different styles they produce, the different people in charge of the beer and what makes them so unique. You’ll also have the opportunity to purchase gift cards to these great locations.

Our local breweries help make Central Oregon a special place, so enjoy their stories here.


Upstream from Ordinary. RiverBend consistently produces a wide variety of great brews. Along with their flagships: "Oregonized Love IPA," "Boxcar Rapids Red Ale," and "Schwenk's Pilsner"; RiverBend excels at uncommon brews. By adding lactose and local fruits to an already great IPA recipe, they create smooth, flavorful, and uniquely drinkable Milkshake IPAs. Try the "Hawaiian Crunk" or enjoy their "Berry the HOPetition."