No. 2: Jennifer Lopez

Being a successful actress, singer, and diva requires talent, looks, and a checklist of requests that would make the most loyal servant puke in his mouth.

Jennifer Lopez's requests include two humidifiers, two fans, two extension cords and two ashtrays at every hotel stay. Oh, and make sure the M&Ms are regular and not peanut or she might melt wax in your face from that Lime Blossom candle she demands.

She threw a tantrum because people showed up late to her surprise birthday party. If she gets that upset on her birthday, you can imagine how unreasonable she is on the set, where she prefers to be called "number one" and requests you not look her in the eye or speak directly to her without permission.

Her "divasity" can be topped by only one woman, which brings us to our No. 1 choice ...

Madonna, close up

No. 1: Madonna

Anyone who names herself after the "holy mother" and brags about being a "material girl" naturally considers herself above the commoners.

It's no wonder, therefore, that Madonna has taken divaness to a new level, discounting even the safety of her fans by banning air conditioning at a 2006 summer concert at Wembley Arena in London. She had to preserve her vocal chords, after all.

Luckily the British Health and Safety Board ordered the air conditioning turned on after several fans fainted.

Madonna's common work diva demands include a new toilet seat, three Kabbalah candles, white roses, an all-white dressing room, an Ein Gedi Dead Sea Foot Spa and unsalted edamame (whatever that is).

Madonna's response: "Papa, don't preach! We are living in a material world, and I am a material girl."