Suspect in Kaylee Sawyer murder back in Bend

The Redmond man accused of abducting and killing Kaylee Sawyer of Bend was booked into the Deschutes County Jail early Wednesday after being moved from Siskiyou County, Calif., where he allegedly went on a crime spree and was arrested days later.


Ted Taylor

POSTED: 11:33 PM PDT September 7, 2011    UPDATED: 9:24 AM PDT September 12, 2013 

Managing Editor/Producer, NewsChannel 21 at Five

I'm going to be honest here - there's a 60-40 chance I'm a journalist today solely because when I was a kid I thought a press pass was like a police badge used for fun stuff.

Three nights a week, my mom and I would meet my dad at Rosenblatt Stadium to watch the Omaha Royals play baseball. And every one of those nights, about the seventh inning, my dad and I would go to the press box door, he'd flash that pass of his and we'd head on upstairs. There was free soda and more foul balls on the roof than I could carry home with me.

That, to me, was being a journalist.

Soon, I realized it was more than that. I watched my dad interview politicians, sports stars and more as a reporter for The Omaha-World Herald and I read how he put words together to make great stories.

I wanted to do that.

I won a young author's contest in fourth grade and started writing for my high school newspaper as a freshman.

Still thinking I had a career as a Major League Baseball pitcher ahead of me, I considered two small-town baseball scholarships before deciding to study journalism at the University of Nebraska.

I worked for the student paper covering murder trials, the state Legislature and sports. I was even inside the State Pen the last two times they executed someone by electric chair. I had summer interns in small-town Nebraska and in small-town Arkansas and won a national writing award along the way.

After college, I covered education - including the Columbine shootings - for the Daily Sentinel in Grand Junction, Colorado. I moved to Bend in 2000 to cover education for The Bulletin, picking up writing awards at both stops.

I tried my hand as a golf professional for a few years, giving lessons here in town at Widgi Creek, but deep down, I was always a journalist. Always a writer.

NewsChannel 21 took a chance on hiring a newspaper guy in February 2010 and I reported on air for a while. I moved on to become the 6 p.m. news producer before moving up again to where I'm at now: managing editor and 5 p.m. producer.

Me being behind the scenes is better for everyone - trust me.

I have a young son, a beautiful wife and the best dog in the world.

I love being part of Bend and helping to tell the stories of the people and events that make this place so amazing.

(Oh, and I really love having a press pass.)

You can reach me at


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