Bend police: Missing woman homicide victim, person of interest sought

A part-time security guard at Central Oregon Community College was being sought Tuesday as a likely armed and dangerous person of interest in the apparent slaying of a Bend woman whose disappearance prompted a wide-ranging search effort, police said late Monday night.


Ted Taylor

POSTED: 11:33 PM PDT September 7, 2011    UPDATED: 9:24 AM PDT September 12, 2013 

Managing Editor/Producer, NewsChannel 21 at Five

I'm going to be honest here - there's a 60-40 chance I'm a journalist today solely because when I was a kid I thought a press pass was like a police badge used for fun stuff.

Three nights a week, my mom and I would meet my dad at Rosenblatt Stadium to watch the Omaha Royals play baseball. And every one of those nights, about the seventh inning, my dad and I would go to the press box door, he'd flash that pass of his and we'd head on upstairs. There was free soda and more foul balls on the roof than I could carry home with me.

That, to me, was being a journalist.

Soon, I realized it was more than that. I watched my dad interview politicians, sports stars and more as a reporter for The Omaha-World Herald and I read how he put words together to make great stories.

I wanted to do that.

I won a young author's contest in fourth grade and started writing for my high school newspaper as a freshman.

Still thinking I had a career as a Major League Baseball pitcher ahead of me, I considered two small-town baseball scholarships before deciding to study journalism at the University of Nebraska.

I worked for the student paper covering murder trials, the state Legislature and sports. I was even inside the State Pen the last two times they executed someone by electric chair. I had summer interns in small-town Nebraska and in small-town Arkansas and won a national writing award along the way.

After college, I covered education - including the Columbine shootings - for the Daily Sentinel in Grand Junction, Colorado. I moved to Bend in 2000 to cover education for The Bulletin, picking up writing awards at both stops.

I tried my hand as a golf professional for a few years, giving lessons here in town at Widgi Creek, but deep down, I was always a journalist. Always a writer.

NewsChannel 21 took a chance on hiring a newspaper guy in February 2010 and I reported on air for a while. I moved on to become the 6 p.m. news producer before moving up again to where I'm at now: managing editor and 5 p.m. producer.

Me being behind the scenes is better for everyone - trust me.

I have a young son, a beautiful wife and the best dog in the world.

I love being part of Bend and helping to tell the stories of the people and events that make this place so amazing.

(Oh, and I really love having a press pass.)

You can reach me at


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