COCC stabbing verdict: Guilty except for insanity

After a few hours of deliberations, a Deschutes County jury late Tuesday found a former COCC student guilty except for insanity for stabbing his roommate 14 times in October 2014.


Wanda Moore

POSTED: 9:02 PM PDT September 18, 2013    UPDATED: 8:58 PM PST February 4, 2016 
Wanda Moore

Reporter/producer, NewsChannel 21

Home is where the heart is. That is especially true for me, after living on two different continents and in three different countries.

I was born and raised in Germany, but discovered my love for travel and adventure early on. After traveling all over Europe, I decided to study Politics at Queen Mary, University of London in England.

I interned with CNBC Europe, as well as DowJones Newswires, and immersed myself into the nuts and bolts of economic reporting. I am a very curious person, and learning something new every day is what I love about journalism. In fact, I wanted to be a journalist ever since I can remember.

I went on to do my Masters at Columbia University, Graduate School of Journalism in New York City.

Afterwards, I started working for NBC News in NYC for their national broadcast "Early Today" and "First Look" morning newscasts.

Then, after Ivy League and NBC, I decided to change my life completely yet again and moved to Maui (you can imagine my parents' reaction!)

I worked as a freelance journalist for three years and was in charge of developing a news program for the local TV station on Maui.

Maui is where I've also met my wonderful husband, and we are proud dog owners of two rescue puppies named "Pua" (which means flower in Hawaiian) and "Nala."

Now, I am ready to embrace Bend as my new home -- and I can't wait to tell your stories.

You can contact me with story ideas at: Follow me on Twitter: @WandaKTVZ


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