Air Stagnation Advisory:

Issued at: 2:48 am PST on January 30, 2015, expires at: 1:00 PM PST on February 01, 2015
  • ...Air stagnation advisory remains in effect until 1 PM PST Sunday... An air stagnation advisory remains in effect until 1 PM PST Sunday.
  • Synopsis: valley inversions remain strong through at least Sunday morning. A front is expected to move through later Sunday and Sunday night which will disrupt the inversions and improve air quality.
  • Locations include: Beatty...Crescent...Gilchrist...Sprague River...Altamont...Klamath Falls.
  • Impacts: air quality will deteriorate if significant particulates from pollution accumulate. These conditions could make breathing more difficult for those with respiratory ailments.
  • View the hazard area in detail at http://go.USA.Gov/zyv5 Precautionary/preparedness actions... An air stagnation advisory indicates that...due to limited movement of an air mass across the advisory area...pollution could increase to levels that affect health. Sk

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