Renee Nelson

POSTED: 11:52 PM PDT October 16, 2012    UPDATED: 9:00 AM PDT September 24, 2014 
Renee Nelson

Anchor/Reporter, Executive Producer, NewsChannel 21 at Sunrise

My first year with KTVZ has been amazing. I have enjoyed meeting so many great people in Central Oregon and becoming a part of this community.

I find it funny that I get in to work every day while most people are fast asleep. It feels like I belong to a special club of sleep-deprived but happy people. Regardless of the early hours, it's an honor and a privilege to bring the community the morning news.

Bob Shaw and I have a great time together on the show. During commercials breaks. we're often telling jokes and being silly.

The show has an amazing and very capable crew. Stan, Joel, Stephanie, Sam and Megan make it a pleasure to come to work every morning but...we all eat way too many donuts.

When I'm not working, I'm usually hanging out with three messy boys, my wonderful husband and our sweet daughter. Depending on the time of year, I can be found chasing them with either coats, hats and gloves or sunscreen. Our family loves Cardinal football, even in the off-season, but we root for the Ducks and sometimes the Beavers too.

I am happy to be a member of BASAPC, the Bend Area Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition, and I serve on the Board of Directors for Healthy Beginnings, a NewsChannel 21 Cares for Kids partner.

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